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Dedicated to SUPPORTING THE DAYHOME SECTOR in Alberta through professional development opportunities, community support, and steadfast advocacy.


With 2 levels of membership, dayhome professionals in Alberta can find a membership that is right for them.


Our members directory is the best way for parents to find the perfect dayhome fit in Alberta.


The Embolden PDC Portal is full of resources to help embolden you on your dayhome journey.


Embolden Professional Dayhome Community is proud to be Alberta’s first and only dayhome support network. Established in 2018, Embolden PDC works in partnership with a variety of local organizations to connect providers and parents with quality resources and supports to help embolden them on their dayhome journey. Our support network is run by two experienced dayhome professionals with over 10 years of combined experience within the dayhome sector in Alberta. Our experience as both dayhome operators and parents who have utilized child care in Alberta gives us the ability to anticipate both provider and parent needs and ensures a deep understanding of the supports and resources that both providers and parents need to thrive.


Embolden PDC believes that all dayhome professionals deserve to be supported for the work they do in caring for our most vulnerable citizens. However, it is difficult in Alberta for dayhome professionals to access critical resources and supports that speak directly to in-home child care and the unique challenges that these professionals face. We believe that removing barriers to provider supports is an integral part of building provider capacity within the sector which is something that is incredibly important for the overall well-being of both dayhome professionals and the children they care for. We know that when dayhome professionals are supported our children stand to benefit and Embolden PDC is dedicated to ensuring that the dayhome professionals of Alberta have everything they need to provide the stability and longevity in child care that our children need to grow and develop to their highest potential.


Our wrap around support network provides dayhome professionals with access to hundreds of dayhome specific resources including regular professional development and networking opportunities, digital and printable resources, and advocacy for the work that dayhome professionals do. With a focus on continuous career growth, supporting mental health, enhancing safety, providing business resources, and developing a sense of community, our members can easily access the resources and supports they need to aid them in caring for our most vulnerable citizens. Parents and caregivers utilizing dayhomes will also find a variety of resources and support within the Embolden PDC Directory where we showcase our verified members and their programs.


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