Playground Safety & Summer Challenge

Have you had a chance to join Embolden PDC at one of the park meetups we’ve held? Don’t fret if you haven’t, we’ll be holding more throughout the summer! Be sure to check out the Embolden Portal and Facebook page for more information on the places we’ll be visiting. It’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with other dayhome providers in your area. 

Joining one of our park meet-ups contributes to your Summer Challenge GOALS!

Playground Safety Tips


Fire Season is Upon Us!

While we all want to get outside to complete our Summer Challenges, it’s important to consider the air quality in our area. We created this information graphic to help you when you’re wondering if you should be staying in with your dayhome kiddos!

Stay safe out there, dayhomies!

Join our Summer Challenge! Free to Participate ~

Have you joined our Summer Challenge? If not, check out the Summer Challenge page on our Embolden PDC website to register!

Track your hours with our Tracking Tree by coloring in a leaf for every hour spent outside. By participating in our challenge you are given the chance to win a End of Summer Party for your dayhome!

Summer Challenge Tree

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Join our Facebook group "The Hangout" to chat with fellow dayhome providers as well as parents using dayhomes. 


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