4 Apple Activity Ideas

Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 22. But its happened dayhomies, not only is pumpkin spice everything back but its apple harvesting time! It’s hard not to notice the Geese in the harvested farm fields readying to fly south. Or the leaves on the trees changing the colors to vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. Sadly our daylight gets shorter as the sun is setting earlier everyday.

Fear not! If you adore Fall as much as I do then bring on all the funtastic fall activities. Can you say going apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch, or getting lost at a corn maze. Don’t forget all the exciting fall crafting like completing one of our apple activities with your dayhome kiddos.

Join Embolden PDC when we visit the Edmonton Corn Maze near the end of September!! Make sure to check out your Embolden PDC Portal under ‘Networking & Events’ to find out the exact date and time. Don’t forget to RSVP!! 

Apple Dissection

Supplies | Apples, Knife, Cutting Board, & Printable

Learn about the different parts of an apple.

NEW CONTENT* Check out the  Embolden PDC Portal under ‘Activities & Play’ were you can download this activity printable!

Apple Boats

Supplies | Apples, Construction Paper, Knife, Cutting Board, Kids, Scissors & Toothpicks

Cut the apples into different shapes and sizes while the kids make sails. This is a great STEM learning activity! Which boat sinks or floats? And, why?

Apple Stamp

Supplies | Apples, Knife, Paint (Red & Green), Card Stock Paper, Sharpie, Googly Eyes, Mini Clothes Pin, Craft Glue, & Paint Brush

Cut an apple in half and apply some craft paint. Then press it onto the cardstock paper! Carefully lift the apple to reveal your apple stamp. Let it dry and then apply your googly eyes and finish with a sharpie smile.

Check out One Little Project’s blog for more creative kids crafts and recipes here.


Apple Taste Test

Supplies | Different kinds of Apples, Knife, & Cutting Board

Before cutting the apples, talk about the colors and shapes of the apples. Try asking for predictions on what they’ll taste like. Will the different colors mean they’ll taste different? One at a time cut an apple into bite sized pieces. Pass them out to the children. Have them smell them then taste them. Repeat for each different apple. At the end order them from least to most favorite!

Take it a step further! Show your dayhome kids where their foods come from by going straight to the farm to pick your own apples before doing the Apple Taste Test activity …

U-Pick Farm

Attracted 2 Apples

Location | 54264 Range Road 213, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Visit the largest Orchard in Alberta with over 800 trees to pick from. They have 12 new varieties of apples from the University of Saskatchewan. Their produce is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.

Check out their website here to see the picking schedule. No appointment necessary. Cash Only.

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