The Embolden PDC Directory

We did it! The Embolden PDC Directory is HERE!

Alberta’s first EVER vetted members directory dedicated to private dayhomes! This directory is so much more than a list of Embolden PDC members. We’re showcasing that quality does exist in unlicensed care providing a platform for parents to easily access it. 

AND we’re just getting started! The Embolden PDC Directory also features a one of a kind PARENT DASHBOARD that holds a TON of parent resources to help guide you on your private dayhome search.


Benefits for Parents:

  1. Quality Care | Find a provider that is the right fit for your family. Search by location and tags: experience, age range, activities, curriculum, transportation, etc.
  2. Peace of Mind | Know that quality unlicensed care exists in Alberta. Verified providers in the directory go above and beyond the minimum government standards for unlicensed care.
  3. Convenient | Find private providers all in one easy to use website.
Do you need help or support finding child care? Check out our Child Care Guide.

Benefits for Providers:

  1. Visibility | Be seen by parents looking for childcare and show the government that quality unlicensed care exists in Alberta.
  2. Credibility | Verified listings go above and beyond the minimum government standards for unlicensed childcare.
  3. Less Work | Have more time to spend with your family and focus on running your dayhome by letting Embolden promote you!

Do you need support starting a new dayhome? Check out our Start A Dayhome Guide.


Look for the check! This indicates that our member has provided proof of the three above criteria which gives them a clickable profile. That profile allows parents to connect with providers who go above and beyond the minimum standards for unlicensed care in Alberta. 


As seen in the image below:

  • Provider Profile | This section is where you’ll find the providers specific information! You’ll find their name and location. Things like their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. If they have their own dayhome websites it will be indicated here as well. Perhaps the most important indicator that parents should look for is either ‘spots available’ or ‘waitlist’. This section will tell parents that this provider is either accepting new children or is currently full. 
  • Mapped Location | This is where the dayhome is physically located. Parents can search by neighborhoods to provide them with the dayhomes in their area. 
  • Detailed Information Section | This section is filled out by the provider and could contain their personal education background, dayhome programming, provided food, and transportation availability.

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