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Danielle Bourdin
Executive Director & Founder Embolden Private Dayhome Community
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Embolden PDC launches online directory of private dayhomes in Alberta for working parents seeking child care

Edmonton, Alberta, September 13, 2021: Working parents now have a new tool in their search for quality unlicensed child care. Alberta’s first and only Private Day Home Directory is now available online at https://directory.emboldenpdc.com. Parents can narrow their search by location and numerous tags to find private day homes that are committed to going above and beyond the minimum Alberta government standards. The number of day homes listed in the directory increases monthly and currently totals about 250 day homes located in more than 50 municipalities across the province. 

“It is often hard for working parents to find a private day home provider, especially one that is the right fit for their family,” said Danielle Bourdin, Executive Director and Founder of Embolden Private Dayhome Community. “I am thrilled to make their search easier with Embolden’s new searchable online directory of providers in Alberta and to give them peace of mind they have found quality child care.” 


Verified providers in the directory have confirmed they meet the government standard and have current first aid certification, clean criminal record check and clean Children’s Services intervention record check. Tags in the directory allow for searching by location, experience, age range, activities, curriculum, transportation and more.


Amber Cook, a working parent in Leduc, AB whose children no longer need child care, said that the new directory, “would have at least given me a starting point for where to look – a directory of caregivers who want to go above and beyond and where every adult in the house has a criminal record check.” 


Others resources for parents offered by Embolden include its Parent Guide to Navigating Private Child Care in Alberta, weekly blogs and daily Facebook posts. Private day home providers take care of many of the estimated 175,000 children whose working parents have sought out the unlicensed child care sector in Alberta. Unlicensed child care refers to independent child care in Alberta operating outside of government and is offered by nannies; informal arrangements with friends, neighbours or family; or private day homes.


About Embolden Private Dayhome Community – Embolden Private Day home Community (Embolden PDC or Embolden) is a support network dedicated to improving the safety and quality of unlicensed child care in Alberta through the provision of professional development opportunities, community support and evidence-based resources. 

Visit https://emboldenpdc.com or https://www.facebook.com/EmboldenPDC.

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