The Best IKEA Finds for Dayhomes

IKEA is always the answer to our organization prayers. Some of the best attributes of IKEA is that it’s relatively inexpensive and good quality. Plus they have tons of items to choose from. Who doesn’t love exploring their mock rooms and display areas for inspiration?! Their warehouse is basically an adult playground. I mean, what other furniture store is famous for their Swedish meatballs? Speaking of food, I like to make a whole trip of it. After exploring the entirety of the top floor stop at their restaurant for a rest and to enjoy some food. Once you’ve refueled head downstairs, grab a cart and check out all the items from our TikTok cart! For all our IKEA fans, these are some of the best IKEA finds for dayhomes. 

1. The BINTJE plant pot is a perfect little container for so many things. Use it to store pencil crayons in your art area. Or add it to your playroom, it’s a great loose part for your children’s imagination to run with.

2. A PLUFSIG gym mat is a must if you have a climbing structure indoors to help cushion any falls. It also makes a nice stable wall when building forts. The mat folds up for easy storage and can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

3. Counters and sinks are not at a child’s height in our homes. Adding a step stool like the FOERSIKTIG that has an anti -slip base allows children to safely wash their hands or help in the kitchen. 

4. Use a SMULA tray to define a child’s work space for a craft activity so they know which materials are theirs. It also helps contain the mess, protects the surface underneath the tray and makes cleaning up a breeze.

5. The TOMAT spray bottle is a great size for little hands. Fill it with a vinegar and water blend so children can help clean their messes. Or fill it with colored water to spray on the snow.

6. Children are always looking for ways to do things for themselves. Fill the TACKAN soap dispensers with paint so children can dispense their own paint with minimal mess.

7. These ANTILOP high chairs are very easy to clean. Even better is if you need a few but have a smaller space they can be stacked when not in use.

8. Sensory bin play is made easy with a FLISAT table. The possibilities for activities are endless. With the bin covers it can also function as a standard children’s table. If the table is too tall, swap the table legs with the legs from the FLISAT stool.

9. The TROFAST storage box is perfect for containing sensory bin play even if you do not have a table to set it into. They are great bins for storing toys.

10. Install a KVISSLE magazine rack in your craft area as an easy way to store different colored papers. No longer will a stack of papers spill all over as you try to take out a sheet from the middle of the stack.

11. The HILLARED chair pads can be used in many ways. They have grips on the bottom so they can be used as stepping stones for an indoor obstacle course. Stack them then known them down or sit down on one to enjoy a book.

12. Use the KVISSLE letter tray for an easy way to store puzzles in the playroom. Or add one to your craft area as a place for art projects to lay flat while drying..

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