Your Voice is Powerful, Help Make Child Care Change Happen


There’s been a lot of talk in the dayhome community recently about some pretty big changes happening throughout the country. And change can be pretty scary when we don’t feel informed or in control as dayhome providers. 

In this blog post we’ll talk about some ways that providers can get involved and have their voices heard in a meaningful way. Read on to get some tips and tricks from Mirriah on how to effectively communicate your concerns (or support) of pressing issues within the child care sector in Alberta. As one person we may not feel like we have the power to change things, but as a community – our voice is stronger.

Get involved! The best way to feel empowered is to take action! What might seem like an insignificant step could actually be the catalyst for change that you’re hoping for! 

How to Write a Letter to the Government

Whether you support or oppose a piece of legislation about child care, write a letter to your elected officials to tell them about it! If you are unsure how to do this follow the process below.

Brain Dump

Write down the issue or decision and your thoughts about it. Don’t be concerned with order, grammar or spelling just write down whatever comes to mind you will sort through it all later. This is to help get your brain working and thoughts flowing.

Introduce Yourself

With the brain dump complete, let it sit for a while and write an introduction for yourself. Give a bit about your background as it relates to the issue or decision. You can include things like where you live, how many children you have, what types of childcare you have used or provided, how many years of experience you have, your education, etc. 

In other words, how are you connected to the issue?

Organize Your Thoughts

Now it’s time to take your brain dump and organize it into the body of your letter. Maybe some areas need more thought or research. Try to add in as much supporting evidence as you can. 

  • Summarize your understanding of the issue/decision being considered.
  • Explain your position on this issue. 
  • Describe what it will mean to you and how it will impact your life. 
  • Identify others who may be affected by this decision.
  • Describe what action you hope the official will take. Make sure this is specific and clearly stated. 
  • If you have written in opposition, offer an alternative.

Put it all Together

  • Adress the main person you are writing to.
  • Open the letter in an official manner. 
  • Explain the purpose of your letter. 
  • Add in your introduction
  • Copy and paste the body section of your organized thoughts
  • Let them know if you are available for further discussion or an interview
  • Thank the official for their time
  • Close and sign your letter with your full name. Also, include your address and phone number under your name.


  • Check for grammar and spelling errors. 
  • Search for the address or email for who you are sending the letter to.
  • Consider copying Embolden PDC on any government communication (or send us a copy). 

Quick Links

Most letters regarding child care in Alberta should be sent to the Ministry of Children Services [email protected] then it is a good idea to cc the government representative for your area depending on which level of government is involved. If the issue is municipal search for the councilor for your area. If it is provincial or federal use the search buttons below to find your representative. 

Find your MLA (provincial government representative)

Find your MP (federal government representative)

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