Random Acts of Kindness to Get Into the Holiday Spirit


Do you have an elf on the shelf but aren’t a big fan of him spying on the children and reporting back to Santa? Why not have your elf bring your dayhome kiddos random acts of kindness cards instead!

Danielle started this fun holiday tradition with her dayhome kids many years ago and it was one that everyone looked forward to each year. 

Every morning the kids would rush into the dayhome space excited to see what the elves got up to and what their “mission” would be each day. 

Not sure how to get started? This weeks blog post has a bunch of ideas to get you going – PLUS we’re sharing our complete RAOK Printable
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A New Story

Throw out the book that came with your elf and create a new story. Your elf is here to help you all get into the holiday spirit by encouraging you to do kind things for others. Each day leading up to Christmas have your elf bring a new random act of kindness card for your dayhome to complete. 

Once a card is completed, post it on your kindness board. See how many cards you and the children can complete in December.

Some Variations

No elf?

Use one of your stuffed animals! Tell the children that there is a shortage of elves and that your stuffy has received special permission to be an honorary elf for the season.

Or perhaps you have a magical stocking or envelope that Santa has sent. Each day a new card appears in it!

Don’t celebrate Christmas?

These cards can still be used to spread kindness and help the children learn about thinking of others and doing kind acts. Place them in a jar and pull out a new card each day. Or hide a card around your dayhome each day for the children to find. 

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Here are some random acts of kindness ideas to get you started!

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