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In this weeks blog post we’re talking all about becoming a verified member of Embolden PDC and why we need every member of Embolden PDC to take this important step in their dayhome journey. 

Not convinced? Feel like you don’t need to become a verified member? Feel like it doesn’t serve a purpose as a dayhome provider? 

We hope that through this blog post we can help share our vision for what is possible when we have a thriving directory of all the private dayhome providers in Alberta who go above and beyond the minimum standards for unlicensed care. 

Read on to learn more. 

What is a verified member?

A verified member of Embolden PDC is an unlicensed dayhome provider who has submitted three documents (criminal record check, intervention check and first aid). Embolden then verifies that these documents are up to date and keeps them on file. The documents then need to be resubmitted each year when your directory profile is renewed (every 12 months). 

Once a verified member, your listing in our provider directory will become clickable. This means that parents can see your dayhome profile and contact you directly from within the listing.  Every member of Embolden PDC is listed in our members only directory – but only verified members can be clicked on. 

Why become one?

Your Embolden verified directory listing highlights your commitment to providing quality unlicensed childcare and gives us the ability to show Alberta that quality private childcare exists. We want to make it easy for parents to access quality private childcare and becoming a verified member helps parents connect with you. 

Even if you’re full, help us enhance the level of care being provided in unlicensed programs across the province by making the verification process the “norm” in Alberta.

This is also our best shot at proving to government that unlicensed childcare providers deserve to be supported in Alberta. With a visible platform of unlicensed providers who are committed to going above and beyond the minimum standards – we have better bargaining power to help with our advocacy efforts.

How do I become verified?

Becoming a verified member is available as a part of our Provider + and VIP memberships. To become a verified member we require three documents to be submitted for verification. These documents were selected after thorough consultation with parents who have experienced tragedies within unlicensed dayhomes in Alberta. Together, we feel that these documents will help to enhance the safety of children utilizing unlicensed child care in Alberta.

When you have all three documents copied to your phone or computer head to the “Get Verified” tab in the portal to complete your directory listing profile. 

Required Documents

Criminal Record Check (required)

A clean criminal record check (with vulnerable sector) is required for all adults in your home who will have access to your dayhome children. Record checks must have been obtained within the last 90 days. 

This document can be obtained from your local law enforcement agency. This could be your local police department or the RCMP – depending on your location. For more information on where to obtain a record check, visit the resources section of your membership portal.

While most record checks are done in person at a local detachment – there are some municipalities that have started to process Criminal Record Checks online. If going in person we recommend calling ahead to see what payment types are available. Some can only take exact cash.

Intervention Record Check (required)

An Intervention Record Check takes things one step further than a Criminal Record Check it searches the Children’s Services database to see if you have ever put a child in need of intervention – regardless if you have a criminal record.

A clean intervention record check from children’s services is required for any adults in your home who have access to your dayhome children. Intervention record checks must have been obtained within the last 90 days. This check is free and can be obtained online. To learn more about where to obtain an intervention record check visit your membership portal.

Please note that this check can take approximately 30 days to receive back.

First Aid (required)

Your first aid training must have been facilitated by a recognized training organization. If your first aid is set to expire within the next 12 months, a renewed first aid certificate will need to be sent in prior to your expiry date otherwise your listing will no longer be verified in the directory. 

There are many companies across Alberta that offer first aid training. Look for a course that says Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C. 

For more information on where to take first aid training visit your membership portal.

optional documents


How long does it take for the verified directory listing to go live?

Once all of the documents and information have been submitted your verified directory listing will be ready within 2 weeks. We’ll send you an email when it is live!

Do I need to be verified to be an Embolden PDC member?


Why do I need to pay to be verified?

We keep our costs as low as we can but there are still expenses to run and maintain the website and directory. The annual Provider + membership works out to $4.58/month while an annual VIP membership works out to $12.42/month. Either one can be claimed on your taxes as a business expense and we think that’s pretty affordable advertising!

Do I need to have all three documents to become an Embolden member?


What is a clickable directory listing?

This means that the provider is a Provider + or VIP member and that they have been verified. Their directory listing is now clickable by parents to see their dayhome profile.

Any questions or need help? Email: [email protected]

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