The Leprechauns Have Arrived!


St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and it could quite possibly be one of our favorite “holiday’s” of the year! That’s because instead of Christmas Elves playing tricks or being silly at dayhome we have leprechauns come and visit us in March!

Signs that the leprechauns are messing about start to appear within the dayhome prior to St. Patrick’s Day and continue all the way up until March 17. In this weeks blog learn all about how we make this a special time for the dayhome kids and why they look forward to it each and every year. 

Leprechaun Mischief

Each evening after the dayhome kids have all gone home the leprechauns come to visit! They get up to all sorts of antics and each morning the dayhome kids are eager to see what they’ve been up to while they were gone. 

Here are some ideas for signs that the leprechauns have arrived at your dayhome:


You can also extend this dayhome tradition by giving your dayhome children an opportunity to catch a leprechaun. Your kids will love the challenge of designing their leprechaun trap and testing it out. We usually start this activity the week prior to St. Patrick’s Day so that the kids can try their design and then readjust if they were unsuccessful. 

Materials you’ll need for trap building: 

A great place to go for some recycled materials is your local recycling depot (if they have a take it or leave it section) or if you’re in the Edmonton area check out The Reuse Centre. Check out our Leprechaun Trap Activity Bundle for a set of prompts and provocations to make this an activity that hits all of the developmental domains.

Leprechaun Trap building BUNDLE

Legend has it if you can catch a leprechaun they will give you their pot o’ gold. Try your hand at building a trap with this activity bundle. 

A variety of prompts and provocations that promote creativity, problem-solving, reading & writing skills, language development, and so much more.

Song & Dance

We have put together a fun youtube playlist of St. Patrick’s Day videos for your dayhome kiddos to dance, laugh and sing along with.

 May the luck of the Irish be with you! 

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