Embolden Professional Dayhome Community isn’t just for new dayhome startups. We also have hundreds of resources available for established dayhomes in Alberta. Whether you’re looking for continuous professional development opportunities and networking events or you’re looking to spruce up your forms and documents – we have something for every dayhome provider no matter where they are at on their dayhome journey.


Each and every month we create new opportunities for dayhome professionals to connect and grow with one another.

Whether it’s a virtual session on early childhood development or a live session on child abuse awareness – we are passionate about providing ample experiences for providers to expand their understanding and knowledge as childcare professionals. 

We also meet regularly to give providers the chance to get to know each other beyond the membership. 


Take your business to the next level with our professional dayhome forms and templates. 

With Canva Template or Fillable PDF format, you can quickly edit each form to include your personal information for easy implementation within your dayhome. 

Parents will be impressed with your professionalism and organization with an entire suite of matching forms and templates available at the click of a button. 

You can even keep these forms digital and forget about printing another piece of paper. 

Parents will love the easy to use digital format allowing them to fill out forms and send them back to you all on their smartphone!


Inside our Activity Library you’ll find hundreds of resources that you can enjoy as you run your dayhome business. 

We release new resources each and every month so you’ll never get bored with the resources available inside the Embolden PDC Portal.

Resource LIBRARY

Our resource library is full of dayhome resources that will help make your life a breeze as you operate your dayhome business. You’ll find:

We release new resources each and every month so you’ll never get bored with the resources available inside the Embolden PDC Portal.


We know that dayhome providers are busy individuals that don’t always have time to participate in live PD. So that’s why we’ve created a pre-recorded video library within the Embolden PDC Portal that houses all of our pre-recorded and previously recorded video content for providers to enjoy at their own pace and on their own time. 

You can pause and return to any video in the video library at anytime. Making it the perfect resource for busy dayhome professionals.

Many of our courses include a certificate of completion. Just complete the quiz at the end of the session to claim one.

With a variety of topics covered from behaviour to FLIGHT – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


The Learning Corner is a section of the Embolden PDC Portal where you’ll find information on a variety of different topics that will be relevant to you as you run your dayhome business. Inside you’ll find topics on:

This is a great place to learn more about the different aspects of running a dayhome business and to seek advice when needed.


We have our very on private online community forum made just for dayhome providers in Alberta. This is a great place to network with other providers and share some of the struggles often experienced by dayhome professionals in a secure and welcoming environment. 

You must have an Embolden PDC account to access the online community which gives us a bit more control on who is allowed into the online community – unlike the limitations we experience with Facebook.

You can even search providers in your area to help you connect in real life.


We are proud to have the one and only dayhome specific directory in Alberta where we showcase our members and their programs. 

In order to unlock a clickable profile – members must complete our verfication process which helps give parents peace of mind as they search for in-home childcare in the province. 

The directory is a great way to showcase your program and what you have to offer – whether you have spots to fill or not. Even if you’re full – the directory is a great way to showcase your commitment to quality and safety as a dayhome professional in Alberta.


The Embolden PDC Portal is where we house all of the resources and tools that Embolden PDC has to offer. 

The portal is available to any dayhome professional in Alberta with the creation of an Embolden PDC account. 

You can create an Embolden PDC account for free anytime – giving you the ability to take a look inside the portal so you can see what resources are available. 

We are proud to offer a wide range of FREE resources to help support dayhome professionals across the province. 


Whether you’re just starting out on your dayhome journey or you’ve been running your program for decades – you belong here. Help us continue the work we’re doing to ensure that dayhome professionals are supported and recognized as an integral part of the childcare sector in Alberta by becoming a member, today.

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