Self Care & Building Breaks Into Your Day


Is self-care something you actively manage as a dayhome professional?  Do you feel the freedom to put yourself first no matter what?
The truth is we can’t take care of others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. So why is it so difficult to ditch the guilt and make our own self-care a priority as dayhome professionals?

In this interactive virtual workshop, we’ll spend some time diving into the importance of self-care and why it’s so critical for dayhome professionals.
We’ll break down some of the hangups we all face in actively practicing self-care and we’ll go over some real-life strategies for managing self-care and wellness that is specific to the demands and challenges of in-home childcare.

We first presented this workshop at the BURSTING INTO SPRING ONLINE CONFERENCE and the feedback we received on the session was INCREDIBLE.

Don’t miss this chance to spend a couple of hours taking care of YOU!



Nov 05 2022


9:00 am - 11:00 am


Virtual Session
Embolden PDC


Embolden PDC
(587) 784-4673
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