First Aid


Proper first aid training is a must have for every child care provider whether you’re licensed or not. First aid training should be administered by a reputable first aid trainer and should be renewed every 3 years. There are a variety of different training companies and models in Alberta and Embolden PDC has partnered with Little Lungs First Aid to ensure that our members always have access to affordable first aid training opportunities. 


Embolden PDC is proud to partner with Big Hearts/Little Lungs to offer affordable first aid training to the Alberta dayhome community. Through this exclusive partnership, Alberta dayhome providers enjoy the lowest rates for first aid training in the entire province.

Discount codes are provided for both FREE ACCOUNT HOLDERS and MEMBERS.  All you have to do is LOGIN to view your exclusive discount code. 

You can use your exclusive discount code on the Big Hearts Website when booking any course.

From time to time, Embolden PDC organizes group first aid courses where providers can enjoy the maximum discount for both members and non-members. Check the events calendar for upcoming group courses, or click on the button below to book a first aid course through Big Hearts. 

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