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Why a membership?

Did you know that in-home child care is the country’s most commonly used child care arrangement? The majority of child care offered in Alberta is offered out of a child care provider’s own home. And yet, despite dayhome professionals making up the majority of the child care sector, they often struggle to earn the recognition and support they deserve as an integral part of the child care system in our province.

Without a united voice to represent individual dayhome operators, critical decision-making processes have historically excluded dayhome professionals from having input on matters that directly impact them and their businesses. 

That is until 2018 when Embolden PDC established Alberta’s first dayhome support network and membership community.

Embolden PDC has always believed that dayhome professionals can have both autonomy and support and that dayhome care is just as impactful as the other child care arrangements in Alberta.

Dayhome care is unique, and with it comes challenges not experienced by those working in facility-based programs. Unlike facility-based care,  dayhome professionals work long hours without breaks or opportunities to connect with others, which increases their risk of isolation and burnout.

And this unique experience of dayhome professionals clearly demonstrates the critical need for support and resources to address these sector challenges. However, the reality is that many dayhome professionals experience barriers to accessing resources and support because dayhome care is largely under-recognized in our society.

With the creation of Embolden PDC, dayhome professionals finally have a voice and community that advocates for individual dayhome professionals and their work to support Alberta’s child care sector. No longer undervalued, dayhome professionals are now wholly understood and supported as part of a thriving community that truly understands the unique nature of dayhome child care and its challenges. And the change that dayhome professionals have long desired is slowly being realized through the steadfast advocacy this new organization brings. 

As a member of Embolden PDC, dayhome professionals reap all the benefits our community offers, including access to our wrap-around resource network that houses hundreds of resources to help embolden providers as they run their dayhome programs. With each new member, we increase our ability to expand our network and reach, allowing us to continue advocating for dayhome professionals across the province. 

Whether you choose a free Provider Account or an Embolden PDC Membership, dayhome providers will no longer experience barriers to accessing resources and support geared to the uniqueness of dayhoe child care.

With Embolden PDC, dayhome professionals are valued and supported.

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In Alberta, most families utilize dayhome child care arrangements to meet their child care needs. Whether a family chooses a dayhome by choice or by necessity, most children in Alberta are being cared for by dayhome professionals. Embolden PDC believes that these providers deserve access to resources and support to not only aid them in offering quality child care programs in their community – but also to ensure that they can access the support they need to beat the isolation and burnout that often comes with operating a dayhome business. As a visible community of dayhome professionals committed to quality and safety in their programs, we are passionate about advocating for our community to ensure that our providers are recognized in their work to support Alberta families every day.


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